1. new 1/2011: I initiated the mini-conference "Visual Analysis of Complex Networks (VACN)" in Dublin, inviting 5 groups of graph visualisation packages (short video of my introduction, 5:42 minutes)
  2. LOOK HERE 10/2010: IRU Computational Lab - Introduction and Visions (presentation at IRU-CompLab-day; to give our new students an overview, and ideas & motivation what to learn next; and to inform everyone about recent progress, and news.)
  3. 05/2010: IRU Computational Lab - Overview and Progress Report
    (presentation at IRU-day)
  4. 11/2009: Poster and Presentation: Some research images from NEMO WP2
    (for the IRU USB-stick, and institute presentations in Dublin, and Hamburg)
  5. 9/2009: Concepts for the IRU Computational Lab - work-in-progress (presentation at IRU-day)
  6. 8/2009: Comparing university organizational units and scientific co-authorship communities, Uwe Obermeier, Michael J. Barber, Andreas Krueger, Hannes Brauckmann, to appear in Innovation in Complex Social Systems, P. Ahrweiler (ed.), Routledge, 2010

  7. 7/2009: IPSE = Innovation Policy Simulation for the Smart Economy (project proposal for PRTLI CYCLE 5, esp.: innovative concept for visualization of project structure from real data)
  8. 7/2009: A short introduction to the Bielefeld perspective on NEMO
    (mini-presentation during the IRU-day about agent based modelling in NEMO)
  9. 6/2009: The Corruption GEP Simulation Model
    (presentation at CLIQUE quarterly meeting)


new sign  2/2009 - 1/2011: PostDoc at
  IRU = Innovation Research Unit, at
CASL = Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory, at
UCD = University College Dublin, Ireland


networkpicture: multiplicative vs additive degree-coupling-probabilitynew sign

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