It is crucial in this phase of the project that we quickly find as many members as possible. Please help now!
During the second phase, hopefully the word about this project will spread by itself.

It will be quite interesting for yourself to see how far your influence has spread over the planet, so always mention your membernumber when you recommend CYE.

You can download preprinted promo-cards for that.

The project is spreading too slow!
105 members after > 4 months of heavy promotion is not enough...

Either we find more people (you can help a little with that),
or the whole project has to be stopped.
Perhaps you have a good promotion idea?

Please ask your friends to spend 2 minutes per month on CYE.
Thank you.

Andreas Krüger, 2.10.2002



  1. Get your own membernumber  by
    1. downloading the program
    2. uploading your first purse to the server
  2. Tell all your friends by eMail (suggestions: 1 or better: 2, also 2 in German )
    Use the INVITE FRIENDS function inside the CYE program to let me do the eMail-work...

    use the promo-cards for your RealLife-friends
  3. Given your membernumber,
    your friends will be in your "downline"
    so you can later follow the growth of your recommendation cluster.
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