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  • I will mention "Andreas Krüger" and "" when I publish any CYE-results.



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get a PGP-encryption software so that we can communicate about your username and password over the public internet: or or or or MacGPG or ask Google

my public key: pgp__at__AndreasKrueger__dot__de

If you are a recognized CYEntist, I have sent you a username and password for access to the database.

Please then click here to access the database.

Before, it probably makes sense to

  1. download the client program

  1. input and upload data with it,
    to completely understand how it works

You find SQL-query examples in the table "cye_sql" (please insert more) - or you can express your ideas in the ideas-table (or perhaps, if of more general interest, in the discussion web).
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