see all Euro coin pictures 
on your computer

and help the scientists 
who examine the spreading
of coins in Europe

CYE: CountYourEuro!
 for research

First thing to do is:
Download CYE to your computer

What is all this about? 
Read my project launch mail 
(also in German) 
or my first announcement
- or consider active participation.


I don't take any
 responsibility for
 the translated pages!




Now, 2004, I find foreign coins every second or third day
- the diffusion reaches a subjectively noticeable level -

If you are not a CYE-member yet,
download your free software...

Participate in this 
European Research Project

  • download and use CYE to tell us about your local Euro Coins Distribution!
  • actively promote the project: 
    tell everybody you know about it
  • give optical suggestions: design, layout, logo, style for the website and the program. If you are gifted with graphics, drawing and painting, please hand in sketches and blueprints...
  • If you have ideas how to and what to analyze once the data is flowing in, please don't hesitate to plan your active part
  • Link your webpage to CYE, perhaps using our animated logo?
  • Any ideas for CYE v2.0 or the whole project?

There is a mailinglist for active participants who are helping in this project:

Click to subscribe to cye-helpers

TRY the old preview online
you can directly visit the program and read about it...perhaps if you are using Macintosh or don't want to directly download it.

There are some results already.

SPONSOR the project or donate money. You will be mentioned in the HALL OF FAME as a sponsor, if you wish.
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